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Greetings Everyone,


My name is Tina. I am a self-taught makeup artist currently living in Loudoun County, Virginia.


Makeup has always been an inspiration to me and has always been my passion. I am proud to say that my first inspiration in the makeup field was my own beautiful mother. Like every daughter, I looked up to my mother. She introduced me to the basics of makeup. She has taught me how makeup can bring an amazing 

aura of confidence in someone. It actually gives you an amazing boost when you realize how beautiful you look inside and out with makeup application.


My experience includes Bridal, Party and Photo shoot Makeup & Hair. You can always find me on Instagram (tinaiqbal), Facebook (Tina's Artistry), Google+ (Durdana Iqbal) and always on email I am also a registered member of and


Customer satisfaction is my utmost priority. I will go the extra mile to make sure that my beauties are happy with the service that they get from me.


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